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We Are A Local Non-Profit Organization That Supports Science Education and a Passion for RockHounding.

Our Mission

Know more about our mission, through this brief video on our annual show we host every year.

Our Vision

KMGS is a member of the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Society and the American Federation of Geological Societies.

We are dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge of the earth sciences, specifically geology and mineralogy. However, our mission has become broader over the years to include teaching and demonstrating all aspects of rock collecting from safety in the field to working with and displaying found specimens.

Our members are interested in a wide variety of related areas, such as minerals, gems, crystals, lapidary, jewelry, fluorescence, fossils, and Native American artifacts. We especially enjoy teaching young people how to collect, identify, and display specimens they find.

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Projects We Work On

Through each of our projects, we touch lives. Our mission is simple- To educate and collect cool rocks.

At the Annual Show
Provide Specimens
Provide Specimens
To Our Rockhounds
Science Education
Science Education
For children
Actively Learn
Actively Learn

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